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GTM was founded in 2015 by the entrepreneur Aldo Descrovi, President and creative mind of the company. Guided by 40 years of experience in leading a SME and specialization in the creation of unique testing equipment for passive safety, Aldo elevated GTM to the role of great leader in the National and International market, with more than 30 countries serviced worldwide.


GTM is a family company that produces more than 300 different special machines to test Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in its laboratory based in Bioggio, Lugano, Switzerland. Aldo’s expertise and passion welcome any customer's request and, along with his team of qualified engineers, meet the customer’s demand.
The company’s products embed the combination of the Italian high quality design and the precise Swiss technology.
GTM develops the mechanical and electronic hardware and software for each product and offers a wide range of specialized testing equipment, such as:
  • Machines for all kind of helmets testing
  • Testing devices for PPE
  • Machines for optical and mechanical tests on protection lenses and sunglasses
  • Performance machines for sports items
  • Wind tunnels
  • Robotic incubators for genetics
  • Other products on demand
All the product meet the European and International Standards.
A dedicated service of installation and on-site training of the product purchased is offered.


We want to ensure that the products we offer are durable and reliable. This is why we use our most advanced technology and highly resistant yet reusable materials.
All our products are built using mainly steel and aluminium with no use of harmful chemical paint.
GTM instrument have a very long life and reliability. 
At the end of their life or in case of scrapping, the 95% in weight of the material of which the instrument is composed  can be totally recycled.


“We want to be at the base of your product success to protect your people through passive safety”.


We thrive to achieve precision in our products through the technology that we use and the continuous improvement of our knowledge. We adopt digital technologies to enhance the precision of our machines and get as close as possible to the precision of a Swiss watch.
Our company aims to build trust between us and our customers. We aim to offer our support not only at the moment of purchase, but also after sale, until you need us. This is how we managed to build a strong working relationship with our customers all over the world.
Our priority is making the client satisfied. We customise and build product from scratch based on your requirements. For us, new product requests are new challenges and we are thrilled to meet your requirements.