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GTM was founded in 2015 by the entrepreneur Aldo Descrovi, President and creative mind of the company. Guided by 40 years of experience in leading a SME and specialization in the creation of unique testing equipment for passive safety, Aldo elevated GTM to the role of great leader in the National and International market, with more than 30 countries serviced worldwide.

IN3 Intelligent in vitro incubator,  developed in cooperation with IIARG of Lugano  (CH) and SISMER center of Bologna (IT) 

GTM  developed  in 2019 the first wireless system to be installed in a magnesium impact headform, in order to transmit and receive the data in real time when performing a shock test.

This system, named model 6700-WIR6X, has been used to record data of linear and rotational acceleration in the ECE 22/06 and FIM tangential tests.

It has on board a 7 channel  – 24 bits  – 35.5 Khz A/D converter, the batteries, the radio module as well a DTS6DXPRO A accelerometer , all these components installed in a cylinder frame with a total mass of 430 grams only