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Monorail shock absorption test equipment

Monorail shock absorption test equipment, free fall head method, base and electric plant included ,double aluminium column frame for the standards: ECE 22/05, EN 1077, EN 1078 , EN 1384 , JIS 8133 07 and more

Monorail shock absorption test equipment

  • Double column aluminium frame supporting the guide bar , made by square 80X80 mm Item Alu profiles,  with high thickness ( 30mm ) lower base and upper support;
  • Aluminium protection cage , up to height of 2,2 meters made by 40X40 Alu Item Profiles  with polycarbonate transparent 3 mm thickness  panels;
  • Steel and concrete base dim. mm. 860 X 860 X 600 weighting 800 Kg around;
  • Automatic operated protection doors , frame made by aluminium ( with two pneumatic cylinders ) with transparent polycarbonate protection sheets;
  • Hi hardness TMT Speed Rail ™ aluminium rail ( monorail system ) with upper and lower fixing system;
  • Adjustable base by means of 14 grub screw ( 16mm ) to get the vertical position;
  • Frame fixed to the base by means of 4 bolts , thread 18 mm;
  • Pneumatic brake , to be used for drop carriage deceleration after the impact , with adjustable force by means of pressure gauge and pneumatic circuit;
  • Drop carriage made by anodized Ergal 70  with 4 ball bearings and adjustable  nylon wheels;
  • Helmet holder  made by the help of 8 soft small rubber balls;
  • Lift carriage with pneumatic releasing system and limit switches made by IR photocells;
  • Automatic recovering headform system actuated by means of pneumatic cylinder 50 x 250 stroke;
  • Pneumatic brake to stop the drop carriage after the shock;
  • Two anvils kerbstone and flat , easily interchangeable, supplied;
  • Laser pointer inside the anvils holder , to track the right point of impact on helmets;
  • Electric winch with pulley and encoder to be driven with inverter technology;
  • Complete electric plant inside the frame columns;
  • Complete pneumatic plant with filter and pressure gauges;
  • Speed control device with high frequency infrared photocell ( 10Khz);
  • Transducer’s cable with plugs;
  • Mechanical parts finishing :  zinc plated and anodized;
  • Input and output connections , to DLS or other driving devices , by means of 24 poles single plug;
  • Overall dimensions with base  mm . 860 x860 x 5.400;
  • Weight 220 kg without base.